My writing

I've written plays, short stories, audio drama, films and a couple of novels, including my most recent one, “Percy & Reggie and the Agents of the Underearth,” for which I’m currently seeking representation.

About John Longenbaugh

An introduction

For over 20 years, with just a few forays into other fields, I've made my living as a writer.

I’ve been a successful arts journalist for a variety of regional newspapers, magazines and websites, winning awards from the Society of Professional Journalists and others. I've written newsletters and project proposals, award-winning plays and full-season audio dramas, screenplays (produced) and short stories (published).  If it’s a genre of writing, I’ve probably tried my hand at it.

While I've enjoyed many different mediums, I've a strong inclination towards dialogue--plays, screenplays and audio drama. What is told and hidden by the human voice is of deep interest to me, and as much as I enjoy getting swept up in visual storytelling or the challenge of strong descriptive writing, what people say and how they say it is my favorite way of approaching a story.

I'm routinely engrossed in at least a couple of different projects, but I do take work when I think it's of creative interest. I've written musicals, short stories, travel guides and screenplays  on commission, and have also worked with a variety of collaborators. If you are interested in having me work on your project, let me know about it.

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