Here's a selection from some of the various reviews of my work.

Arcana-play cycle

Arcana, a Cycle of 8 Short Plays. Published by Dramatic Publishing.

“Within a tarot deck lurk 22 special cards known as the Major Arcana. Depicting such archetypal figures as Death, the Fool, and the Hermit, as well as allegorical concepts like Strength and Temerance, they wield fanciful power over the fortune-seeker....By placing himself at the mercy of the deck over the course of 10 years, writing short plays on merciless deadlines, Seattle playwright John Longenbaugh has come up with providential results.

"Longenbaugh explores delicate inner lives and human desires, without mawkishness and with enough twists and reveals to be touching as well as intriguing. This is an evening that shamelessly heists your heart when you least expect it. You should let it."

--Seattle Weekly

arcana, CONTD.

"Most of us who have turned, either as a lark or in earnest, to the 22 cards of the Tarot deck's Major Arcna for occasional divination, have sought symbolic interpretations of worldly experiences in love, loss and more.

"Arcana, an inspired cluster of vignettes by Seattle plawyright John Longenbaugh, playfully improvises on the figurative meaning of several Tarot cards while comically and poetically exploring our impulse to link experience with myth.

The result is a vibrant, sometimes bracingly satirical, often deeply moving production of grace and imagination. With Longenbaugh’s narrative and tonal variety, the malleability of an exciting ensemble of actors and the unique approaches to eight short pieces by five directors, the two-hour program feels constantly fresh."

--Seattle Times


Reviews of note

  • “It’s elementary, really. … it works seamlessly. … Holmes aficionados will find numerous delights."
    Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Christmas Carol

  • “Delightfully kooky and inspiring."
    How to Be Cool

  • “I enjoyed it all. This is a fun piece of work."
    The Mechanical Detective

THe Mechanical detective-SHORT STORY

Published in Mystery Weekly Magazine

"In his world it is 1889, eight years after the Great Detective (unnamed, but you-know-who) has arrived on the scene, and London is stinky with consulting detectives, each with their own gimmick. Allow me to introduce Ponder Wright, the Mechanical Detective....

"In this story Wright has been summoned to examine the case of a professor who has apparently been killed by one of his automatons. But these robots can only do what they have been programmed to do. Has the War Department violated treaties by asking the professor to build killing machines? Or is there another explanation?....I enjoyed it all. This is a fun piece of work."

--Little Big Crimes

how to be cool-PLay

“delightfully kooky and inspiring,”

--Theater Seattle

“a refreshing, earnest pleasure,"

--Three Imaginary Girls

 “What is cool? Is it a look? A style? A certain something that can't be bought or borrowed? The definition of "cool" that goes beyond superficial hipness is the marrow of this play....educational and entertaining, a combination that is, unequivocally, pretty cool."--Seattle Times 

sherlock-christmas carol-play

Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Christmas Carol, published by Dramatists Play Service.

"My biggest gripe was the fact that the show was eventually going to end.”

--The Russians Used a Pencil

“For some reason, the holidays are never complete without a good performance or two. Thankfully, I was able to locate just the right diversion this Christmas – Taproot Theatre is performing ‘Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Christmas Carol.’”

--Staying Focused

“It’s the best of Dickens and Doyle. … You won’t want to miss this cheery, insightful and hilarious journey with some of literature's best.”

“It’s elementary, really. … it works seamlessly. … Holmes aficionados will find numerous delights.”

-- Seattle's Child

sherlock- christmas carol contd.

"An enormous success...It's a new take on an old standard. And in the spirit of the season, [it] ends with a  message of hope, charity and forgiveness."

"Strikingly original, tightly written and thoroughly entertaining."


"Sherlock is desperately in need of a spiritual transformation and Longenbaugh is up to the challenge...[a] well-crafted, thought-provoking play...Longenbaugh is also able to inbed a couple of crafty mysteries within the storyline...a heartwarming tale."

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